Pürcan Water Filtration Systems are customized to purify your water by removing over 98% of total dissolved solids, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other pollutants often found in water.

Our Alkaline Pro+ System, which includes our pH Elevator & Ionizer Filter add on, provides superior hydration on a cellular level, and helps to restore and maintain pH levels in your body.

Pürcan Alkaline Pro+ System

Our top selling drinking system produces pure and great tasting alkaline water right at your tap (and can be connected to the water dispenser in your fridge). After stripping the water, using a 5-stage filtration system, minerals are naturally restored to provide healthier and safe water for your drinking and cooking needs.

PH Elevator & Ionizer Filter

This FDA approved filter can be added to your existing water filtration system to produce hydrogen-rich, alkaline water. This filter adds back many of the alkaline minerals that are stripped during the reverse osmosis filtration process. It also helps release activated hydrogen in your water and actively restructures and energizes your water at a molecular level.

Instant Hot Machine

Our commercial grade premium instant hot machines can be added to any water filtration drinking system. Never wait for your water to get hot again! Have instantly hot filtered water ready to use for your coffee, tea, or cooking needs.

Pürcan Gold- Seal Reverse Osmosis Systems

Both our 4 Stage and 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis drinking systems provide an economical solution for better tasting, clearer water. Pürcan’s RO Systems for under your kitchen sink runs the water through a RO membrane and carbon block filters, removing most other contaminants, which produces pure, delicious, filtered water. These systems come with a 4-gallon storage tank and lead-free faucet.


Pürcan Drinking Systems all come with standard lead-free faucets to match your existing faucet.

  • Lead-free
  • BPA free
  • Made to last (no plastic!)
  • High quality and optimal functionality
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Designed by experts
  • NSF Certified
  • Choice of Chrome or Brushed Nickel finish

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