Pürcan offers customized solutions for your Office, Commercial & Industrial Water Filtration needs. These systems purify water by removing total dissolved solids, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other pollutants often found in water. Our systems include commercial water softeners, de-chlorinators, alkaline water systems and ultra-filtration systems.



Purcan Point of Use Water Coolers

Our high-quality drinking systems can be installed in point-of-use water coolers for your office or gym, while promoting better hydration and health for your employees and clients.

Condominium Building Ultra Filtration

Condominium Ultra-Filtration Systems installed by Pürcan are specifically designed to filter all incoming water to commercial and residential buildings.

Dental Practices

Our custom-crafted Purcan DI Systems produce De-ionized/De-mineralized water (distilled water), with a 100% reduction of total dissolved solids to zero ppms. Purcan filtered water inside your dental office not only protects patients and staff, but also protects expensive dental equipment and tools from scale and corrosion.

Rainwater Storm Water Harvesting

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications. Automated and innovative, industry standard systems. This filter can be added to your existing water filtration system to produce hydrogen-rich, alkaline water. This filter adds back many of the alkaline minerals that are stripped during the reverse osmosis filtration process. It also helps release activated hydrogen in your water and actively restructures and energizes your water at the molecular level.

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