Add any one of Pürcan’s drinking systems: 2 or 3 stage systems, RO systems (4 or 5 stage), the Pürcan Alkaline Pro+ System, and more! Coolers can provide hot and cold filtered water.

Hydrating your employees in the best way possible is important. Pürcan offers many point of use water coolers containing any of of our drinking systems. Choose an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water and eliminate the need for lugging and storing heavy water jugs. 

Many of our clients choose to have a point of use water cooler installed in their office or gym equipped with the  Pürcan Alkaline Pro+ System, which produces pure and great tasting alkaline water right from the cooler! Say good-bye to heavy and bulky water jugs! This system is a 5-stage filtration system that removes most harmful contaminants and chemicals from your water. After stripping the water, minerals are naturally restored to provide healthier, better-hydrating and safe water for drinking.

The 5-stage process:

1. Incoming tap water is pre-filtered, removing large particles and sediments, including sand and rust;
2. A Granulated Activated Carbon (‘GAC”) filter removes chlorine;
3. A Reverse Osmosis (“RO”) semi permeable spiral membrane allows pure water molecules to pass through while removing remaining contaminants and total dissolved solids;
4. A re-mineralizing filter adds calcium, magnesium and potassium back into the water and elevates the pH level of the water; and
5. A 5-micron GAC filter removes more contaminants.


Experience the many benefits of the Pürcan Alkaline Pro+ System

✓ Negatively charged alkaline water is anti-oxidant, neutralizes acidity in the body and creates energy;
✓ Reduces body inflammation;
✓ Can reverse negative metabolic symptoms;
✓ Decreases the “Bad” cholesterol (serum-LDL cholesterol) and Improves HDL function (the “good cholesterol);
✓ Can slow the development of Neurodegenerative Diseases;
✓ Improves dental health;
✓ Combats muscle fatigue;
✓ Detoxifies the body (by breaking down many acidic compounds built up in your body over time and helping re-mineralizing  your body;
✓ Promotes better hydration;
✓ Helps improve energy levels;
✓ Helps bolster immune function;
✓ Tastes better than regular filtered water; and
✓ Much more!

* Any one of our drinking systems can be installed inside a point of use cooler.

Point of use coolers available in black, white, or stainless steel.