PH Elevator Ionizer Filter

The Pürcan pH Elevator & Ionizer Filter is FDA approved and re-mineralizes your water and elevates your water’s pH level to between 8-9 and Oxidation Reduction Potential (“ORP”) falls between -50 to -400 mv. This neutralizes free-radicals and changes municipal or well water into anti-oxidant water. Water should have a negative ORP measurement.

This filter can be added to your existing water filtration system to produce hydrogen-rich, alkaline water. This filter adds back many of the alkaline minerals that are stripped during the reverse osmosis filtration process. It also helps release activated hydrogen in your water and actively restructures and energizes your water at the molecular level.

The components of this filter (which has NSF safety approval) include a blend of the following:

  1. Alkaline Antioxidant Minerals (which increases the pH and changes the ORP of your water);
  2. Pi Minerals (which increases water absorption & natural healing ability); and
  3. Tourmaline (which reduces water molecule cluster size).