Pürcan cares about your overall health. That is why we partner with many healthcare professionals and interior design companies who believe in and support our product.

Partnering with Pürcan tells your clients that you have taken initiative to look for a premium solution that promotes better health for them and eliminates the need for wasteful and harmful bottled water.

We are trusted by our partners because our partners know we are offering a premium high-quality solution and service.

Contact Pürcan today and one of our water filtration specialists will work with you, to provide healthy, naturally ionized and antioxidant alkaline water and assist with educating your clients about the benefits of our systems.

These are some of the partners Pürcan has already partnered with:

The Institute of Natural Health Technologies (BIE Clinic) –

Gloria Galan, BIE practitioner –

Athletes Care Sports Medicine Centres (14 locations) –

Dr. Frank Nhan (Cloud Care Clinics) –

Avery Gazel, R.BIE, RHN – Water stone Wellness – 

Nutrichon (Chantal Papasodaro, CNP) –

Cassandra Hope –

C3D Design Inc –

Studio Tasso Ltd –

RFP Design Group –


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