Whole Home Systems

Pürcan’s Whole Home Water Filtration Systems help protect your family from chlorine-treated water. We provide solutions to help remove hardness, chlorine, chemicals and contaminants, iron, and other metals. We highly recommend this water for bathing, laundry, and dishwashing.

Pro Whole Home Mixed Bed (Softener & De-Chlorinator)

Softens hard water and removes chlorine, protecting your body from contaminants while preventing scale build up and extending the life of your appliances and fixtures. This system is custom fitted to your home and is further customized to filtrate and purify the water in your household. It is ideal for removing both hardness and chlorine.

Pro Whole Home Water Softener

Designed to soften hard water by removing calcium and magnesium and then conditioning all the water that enters your home. Our high efficiency ion exchange resin trades minerals for sodium, providing soft and clean water.

Pro Whole Home De-Chlorinator

Removes chlorine and other contaminants from your water, producing clear and chlorine free water from every tap.

Whole Home Eco-Friendly System

Green alternative to our Mixed Bed (Softener & De-Chlorinator). This system prevents scale build-up and removes chlorine, in an eco-friendly way, while protecting your body from contaminants and extending the life of your appliances and fixtures. Our salt-free softener and de-chlorinator does not waste any water and will decrease your usage of soaps and detergents.

Purcan Whole Home Iron Eliminator

Uses an air injection system to remove iron, sulfur and manganese through filtration and oxidation. This unique system uses a single tank and valve system, reducing your overall cost and maintenance.

UV Light System

Ultraviolet (UV) purification is more effective than chemical disinfection processes at treating a wide range of bacteria and viruses found in water. The UV light disinfects bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, destroying them and preventing them from reproducing and making the water safe to use and drink.

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