Can’t I just drink tap water?

Tap water is not created equal, as there are many environmental factors that impact your drinking water daily (aging infrastructure, climate change, etc.). Water filtration and purification can be used as a protection against contaminants, chemicals and pharmaceuticals found in your tap water and assist with better health. Many studies have been conducted showing that tap water has contributed to skin rashes, erosion of tooth enamel, drying out of skin and hair, and contains many contaminants that are ingested. Drinking filtered water protects you and your family, thwarting the harmful effects of tap water.

I already own a water filtration system. Can Pürcan service my system?

Of course! A Pürcan water specialist is happy to come and service any pre-existing water filtration system you own. We are experts at what we do!

Does your Pürcan Alkaline Pro+ System use electricity?

The Pürcan Alkaline Pro+ System does not use electricity (unlike other water filtration drinking systems on the market). We use natural minerals in our filters.

Do your systems remove fluoride?


I have a water jug that filters water from a big box store.. is it the same system?

Why do I need a Pürcan System? We are interested in your overall health. These systems and water jugs found at your local big box store are interested in improving the taste of your water, and often only filter out sediment, lead, chlorine, and perhaps a few other contaminants. More filtration is needed to remove arsenic, fluoride, trihalomethanes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other toxins and contaminants that are likely in your water. Further, with Pürcan, you can be assured that all our products and filters are of top quality and are not developed and sourced from China. Pürcan’s pH Elevator & Ionizer Filter (included in the Pürcan Alkaline Pro+ System) uses only natural minerals to re-mineralize the water, raising the pH level of the water. Finally, not all water filtration systems are the same. We custom size and fit our systems to your home based on your needs and consumption. We stand behind our products – when you own a Pürcan system, you will always have a Pürcan water specialist available to service your system and provide any needed assistance or information!

Can I drink the water from my Pürcan Whole House System?

Our whole house systems (depending on the system) remove hardness, iron, other metals and chlorine and other contaminants. However, this water travels back through your existing plumbing. Water softeners solve hard water problems, but they are not typically meant for water purification. While it is safe to drink, there is no guarantee this water is completely contaminant free. Our Whole Home Systems are excellent for daily use, such as showering, cleaning, dishwashing and laundry.

How often do I need to refill the salt in my Whole House System?

Refilling the brine tank depends on the level of hardness of your incoming water as well as your family’s consumption. The average family of 4 with a water hardness level between 7-10 grains/gallon will typically use about one 40lb bag of salt every couple of months. However, Pürcan also has an eco-friendly salt-free whole house system!

My baby keeps getting skin rashes after his/her bath. Does Purcan system prevent this?

Many of our clients are first time parents who have this issue with their newborn baby’s sensitive skin. Many times, the issue is the chlorine in their water, as municipalities treat their water with chlorine to remove bacteria. Unfortunately, this is not great for your body. Babies especially often see the worst effects of chlorine in water. The Pürcan Whole Home Mixed Bed or the Pürcan Whole Home De-Chlorinator will remove chlorine from your water and prevent the harmful effects of chlorine on your baby’s skin.

I have a D-h20 System for my dental office. How often do I need to change my filters?

Filter changes typically depend on consumption and the quality of your water. However, the average dental office requires a change within a year.

What does a used water filter look like?

Here is a filter that was removed from a Pürcan system at a client’s yearly filter change:

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